Nursecall/ Warden Call

Intesec LTD are suppliers and installers of market leading warden call and nurse call systems. Our systems are all carefully designed and installed to ensure our customer’s varying requirements are met. Warden call systems are primarily designed to help disabled or elderly people at risk of falling allowing them to live independently in their own home, safe in the knowledge that help is never far away should they need it. Reassurance is provided by means of two-way speech between the dwelling and the appointed contacts. Systems can also signal environmental changes in the home such as floods, fire and gas leaks. In addition, carers of people with dementia may be alerted if the person leaves the house or other defined areas.

A warden call system can be extended to include additional features including monitoring of blood pressure, medication dispensing and bogus caller button.

Whether it is a warden call system for a sheltered housing complex or a nurse call system for a major hospital, Intesec LTD can design the system to meet our clients’ specific needs.