CCTV Installation Leeds
CCTV Installation Leeds

Finding a reputable company for CCTV installation Leeds  is simple. Intesec is a company that has been in the security business for over 2 decades and can provide CCTV installations with the minimum of fuss and no disruption to business. For CCTV installations in commercial and industrial premises Intesec is the answer. The wide range of CCTV systems available from Intesec are suited to all applications for every kind of business. Additionally, Intesec can not only provide CCTV services but can offer constant 24 hour monitoring and all these services are available at extremely competitive rates. A completely integrated CCTV installation from Intesec will secure your peace of mind. If you have an existing CCTV installation in Bradford but want to upgrade to a new system, Intesec can cater for all your needs. Intesec also can upgrade you CCTV system to HD (High Definition) whilst utilising your existing cabling taking the hassle out of a completely new installation and reducing the cost dramatically.

Intesec and CCTV Installations Leeds

Some of the most prestigious building companies in the UK use Intesec for CCTV installation Leeds. In addition, large organisations like the NHS and Biffa Waste have obtained whole process. The company is approved by the National Security Inspectorate which ensures that all CCTV installations Leeds are professionally and expertly fitted.

If you own a property that has a challenging aspect for CCTV fixation, Intesec will be able to design and fit a specific CCTV installation Leeds system that will deal with the problems. Both high workmanship and excellent customer service are on offer for CCTV installation Leeds from Intesec. Off site monitoring and a fully integrated CCTV installation Leeds system gives you complete confidence in the security of your premises. All work carried out on CCTV installation Leeds carries a guarantee and a compliance certificate is issued at the end of every job.

If you are looking for CCTV installation in Essex, you can do no better than to contact Intesec. This well renowned company is in the business of securing homes and commercial premises using CCTV. Ring 0845 09 444 98 or use the contact form on the website to get up to date information about CCTV fixation.

Intesec Ltd offers the highest quality CCTV systems to cover every application. We design, install and maintain fully integrated, multi, camera systems utilising IP technology with off site monitoring through to a simple additional camera to an existing system we can help all your requirements.

We are an NSI Approved company which means you can be sure of a quality service and a certificate to confirm compliance to a strict set of standards.

HD (High Definition) and IP CCTV Leeds

Intesec Ltd now offer HD CCTV systems which can be fitted and used over your existing cabling thus taking the hassle out and reducing the cost to give you a truly superior picture. We also offer IP cameras (Internet Protocol or Networked cameras) to provide a high end solution where cameras can be viewed on the internet and multiple sites giving a fully flexible security system.