CCTV systems offer a wide range of benefits; while most people associate CCTV with general security and crime prevention, there are many other reasons that businesses choose to install CCTV systems, such as: Health and safety – CCTV can act as an important tool in litigation cases, mitigating risk and monitoring workplace injuries, reducing claims and potential legal costs. Easily prove to the relevant authorities, your management or directors that all requirements are being adhered to, such as the safe handling of machinery and hazardous substances.
Insurance – reduce insurance costs by taking preventative measures against theft and anti-social crimes.
Staff and pupil protection – we can implement a CCTV installation system that will adhere to legislation and ensure the welfare of staff and pupils, logging visitors and collections and deterring against vandalism.
Monitoring behaviour – ensure your staff are conducting themselves appropriately, use as a tool to tailor commercial approaches according to customer behaviours or manage stock.
Reliability – CCTV never sleeps; the right system will ensure that your premises are monitored at all times.
Reduce costs – a CCTV system can reduce manpower costs, allowing you to benefit from round-the-clock monitoring without the associated costs of employing multiple security staff.
Monitor other systems – keep an eye on industrial and commercial processes, such as dangerous machinery and production lines.
Remote access – grant access to authorised personnel remotely and electronically, with additional capabilities that allow you to view images from your laptop or mobile phone technology (iPhone and Android) anywhere in world.

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